Project Background

Within the framework of Programme RO10 "Children and Young People in Risk Situations and Local and Regional Initiatives to Reduce National Inequalities and Promote Social Inclusion" (CORAI), financed by EEA Grants, Dâmboviţa County Council implemented the Project "Equality in Diversity! – an initiative to reduce inequalities and promote social inclusion in Dâmboviţa County " - the PLUS Application, Project code PEH008.

The overall objective of the project was to develop initiatives to reduce inequalities and improve measures to combat discrimination against vulnerable groups to social and economic exclusion.

By signing, on 28.04.2016, Addendum no. 4 to the Financing Agreement no. 10/4/SEE/07.05.2015, the implementation period of the project was extended with the duration of the additional activities approved through the PLUS financing facility.

The initial activities included in the Project:

- Carrying out an awareness and information campaign on social inclusion, discrimination, inequality, diversity - Caravan "Equality in Diversity!". During this information campaign, a training session - "Unity through diversity - I / the other", 2 interactive seminars meant to bring together persons belonging to the target group; a video on social inclusion, discrimination, inequality, diversity; 3 short playes on gender discrimination, inequality of chances, and intercultural understanding, which aimed at promoting social inclusion and diversity; a social media online campaign.

- Drawing up an Action Plan 2015-2017 for Dâmboviţa County.

The additional activities included in the project - through the PLUS financin facility:

- exchanges of good practice and setting up two local and county social inclusion networks,

- drawing up a Good Practice Guide providing concrete community initiatives and tangible otcomes in communities in Dâmboviţa County,

- 2 workshops - "Intercultural understanding" and "The role of the Roma women in society",

- training seminars with volunteers and social inclusion experts.

The project focused on working with representatives of the public authorities which were involved in the Project activities, decision-makers and experts from NGOs, representatives of the private sector, social workers from professional associations working in the social care field or working with people who belong to vulnerable groups (local representatives, experts, volunteers, formal and informal leaders of the Roma population, local organizations and local action groups), which face discrimination and / or social exclusion.

Project value - 1.135.254,12 lei (grant).

The Project Financing Contract was concluded by the Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF), as the Program Operator, and the Dâmboviţa County Council, as the Project Promoter.

Project implementation period: 07.05.2015 - 28.02.2017.

Project partner: PartNET Association - Partnership for Sustainable Development.

The CORAI Program contributes to the overall objectives of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism to reduce economic and social disparities in Europe and to strengthen bilateral relations between Romania and the donor states - Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.